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Law, Privacy and Surveillance in Canada in the Post-Snowden Era

Michel Geist


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1Publishing a peer-reviewed book with numerous contributors on a rapidly evolving, high-profile issue requires a special group of contributors, publishers, editors, and reviewers. Thanks are due first and foremost to the contributors. Each was presented with challenging timelines to complete their submissions and often asked to submit revised versions based on reviewer comments within days. Each contributor embraced this project with enthusiasm and professionalism.

2Many thanks go to Wesley Wark, who contributed enormously to the vision behind the book and to the recruitment of contributors.

3Once the initial articles were delivered, many additional contributors emerged. Thanks to a terrific group of student editors, including Emily Murray, Jennifer Shamie, Chelsea Sauve, Kavi Sivasothy, Mila Falkenstein, and Karina Pogosyan, who provided citation and fact checking reviews.

4Thanks also to Elizabeth Schwaiger, who oversaw the production of the book from copy-editing through proofreading, layout, and printing.

5Thanks to the University of Ottawa Press, particularly Lara Mainville and Dominike Thomas, who offered tremendous support for this book project.

6Thanks as well to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Canada Research Chair program, as this book benefited from their financial support.

7Thanks also to my colleagues and family for their support throughout this project. It is a great honour to work with such an exceptional, supportive group of colleagues at the University of Ottawa.

8My wife, Allison, remains the foundation of our family and a remarkable source of love and support. Jordan, Ethan, and Gabrielle are more than just fantastic children, who make their parents proud each and every day. They are true digital citizens, engaged with issues related to surveillance and privacy, as they are part of a generation that does not know a world without the Internet, nor, it would appear, without network surveillance.

9March 2015

10Ottawa, Ontario


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