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The China Challenge

Huhua Cao
Vivienne Poy


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1First of all, we would like to thank all the contributors for their extraordinary collaboration on this volume. It has given us a unique chance to work on this important project, examining the relationship between Canada and China during the past forty years. With the exception of the relationship with the United States, Canada’s relationship with China is likely to be its most significant foreign connection in the 21st century. In that light, this book has the potential both to be very useful to those studying the relationship and to make an important impact on policy-makers in both countries.

2We would also like to thank the Honourable Allan Rock, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ottawa, for taking time to write the preface. His support will certainly encourage us to continue to contribute to the relationship between the two countries, and the series of which this book forms a part will contribute greatly to the University of Ottawa’s efforts to increase awareness of its leadership on international issues.

3We are also grateful for invaluable assistance in preparing the manuscript for publication that we have received from Carol Reichert, Policy Advisor to Senator Vivienne Poy; Jennifer Thomas, Manager, Communications and Special Projects of the Office of the President of the University of Ottawa; Marie-Eve Reny of the University of Toronto; and Ruibo Han, Matt Gaudreau, Yuanyuan Zhai, Jean-Francois Parent and Alex Payette of the University of Ottawa.

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