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Homelessness & Health in Canada

Manal Guirguis-Younger
Ryan McNeil
Stephen W. Hwang

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1Table 2-1 Overview of major e-sys findings in 1999, 2001 and 2003 36

2Table 4-1 Homelessness dimensions as measured by equivalent survey item responses 95

3Table 4-2 Estimates of homelessness prevalence by dimension amongst those over age 15 98

4Table 4-3 Coincidence of homelessness dimensions (homelessness index alpha = 0.396) 99

5Table 4-4 Other measures of housing need and crowding from survey (weighted to Nunavut age/sex distribution) 100

6Table 4-5 Items measuring health conditions and related problems 101

7Table 4-6 Links between homelessness measures and health conditions or related problems 102

8Table 4-7 Links between health conditions and housing situation, as perceived by respondents (weighted to Nunavut age/sex distribution) 103

9Table 4-8 Links between related problems and the number of people in the house, as perceived by respondents (weighted to Nunavut age/sex distribution) 103

10Table 5-1 Overview of panel study subgroups, sampling criteria, number of recruitment sites and baseline and follow-up sample size 114

11Table 5-2 Country of origin of foreign-born respondents 116

12Table 5-3 Health-related quantitative results for panel study matched Canadian-born and foreign-born respondents, and immigrant and refugee respondents 120

13Table 5-4 Health-related quantitative results for immigrant and refugee respondents 121

14Table 7-1 Description of different housing approaches implemented after deinstitutionalization 158

15Table 7-2 Criteria of supported housing as defined in different reviews focusing on implementation issues 163

16Table 7-3 Characteristics of selected supported housing studies 168

17Table 7-4 Summary of outcomes in effectiveness studies on supported housing 173

18Table 8-1 Select published studies of the oral health status of homeless people 193

19Table 11-1 Demographic characteristics of study sample 265

20Table 11-2 Changes in clinical outcomes 267

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