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Sport Policy in Canada

Lucie Thibault
Jean Harvey


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1The editors and authors would like to acknowledge public servants from all levels of government involved in sport as well as leaders of various national, provincial and local non-profit sport organizations for their availability and their willingness to answer our questions about the policies that affect them and their organizations. We would especially like to recognize the assistance of Sport Canada and, in particular, Dan Smith, Joanne Kay, David McCrindle and Steve Findlay for their answers to our questions and their suggestions. The views expressed in this book however, are solely those of the authors.

2We would also like to thank the Research Centre for Sport in Canadian Society, University of Ottawa. A number of authors presented versions of their chapters at workshops hosted by the Research Centre. To this end, we wish to thank the workshop participants for their constructive feedback. We would also like to acknowledge the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and Sport Canada’s Sport Participation Research Initiative for the funds which made the research of many chapters included in this book possible.

3Finally, we would like to acknowledge the universities and institutions to which we are affiliated. They provide the numerous resources that enable us to carry out our research. In alphabetical order, these are: British Columbia Centre of Excellence in Women’s Health; Brock University; Loughborough University; Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages, Government of Canada; Queen’s University; University of British Columbia; University of Michigan; University of Ottawa; University of Toronto; University of Windsor; Western University; and York University.


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