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Droits et voix / Rights and Voices

Veronique Strimelle
Françoise Vanhamme


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1This book would not have been possible without the support of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Department of Criminology of the University of Ottawa. We would like to thank in particular Marcel Mérette, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Sylvie Frigon, Chair of the Department of Criminology, Professor Robert Gaucher, Collections Editor, and the University of Ottawa Press. We would also like to acknowledge the University of Ottawa Archives Staff for the help provided, and the generosity of the professors who participated in the interviews regarding the history of the Department of Criminology. Our sincere gratitude goes to the professors as well as researchers from Ottawa and elsewhere who participated in all the events related to the fortieth anniversary of the Department for their insights on the theoretical and ideological markers of its birth and evolution. Editing this book was a collaborative adventure, we are grateful to all the authors who participated in this project for their contribution. Special thanks are finally extended to the members of the Justice Studies and Research Laboratory who supported this book from its beginnings and who authored many of its chapters.

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