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Caring and Curing

Dianne Dodd
Deborah Gorham


Dianne Dodd et Deborah Gorham

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1This volume had its origins in the 1991 lecture series “Gender and Medicine,” sponsored by the Hannah Chair in the History of Medicine at the University of Ottawa. The editors would like to thank Dr. Toby Gelfand, Hannah Professor of the History of Medicine at the University of Ottawa, who initiated the idea for the series. Professor Meryn Stuart, Adjunct Hannah Professor and member of the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Nursing was also involved in planning the lecture series, made the initial contacts with the University of Ottawa Press, and supplied the cover photograph for the book. We would also like to thank Mrs. Beverley Harrison, Administrative Assistant in History of Medicine at the University of Ottawa, for her help in organizing the lecture series.

2In preparing the manuscript for publication, Michael Moher offered much needed technical assistance, for which we are grateful. We would also like to thank the Hannah Institute for the History of Medicine for its financial assistance to this project, and the two anonymous readers who assessed the manuscript for the Hannah Institute and the University of Ottawa Press. Finally, we thank our contributors for their support, their hard work, and their dedication.

3Ottawa, April 1994

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