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Not Written in Stone

Daniel J. Elazar
Michael Brown
Ira Robinson

Part III: Selected Documents (Excerpts)

Social Organizations

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Concordia Club (Vancouver)



11. The name of the association shall be Concordia Club.


22. (a) To provide a meeting place for [sic] the young Jewish men of the City of Vancouver may meet and become better acquainted with each other on the common ground of good fellowship.

3(b) To promote the highest ideals of such good fellowship among its members.

4(c) To promote ideals of service to fellow members and to the community.

5(d) Without limiting the particularity of the foregoing, to provide an organization of young Jewish men who, bound together by congeniality, good fellowship and brotherly love, will be particularly adapted to serve their fellowmen in any way in which demands may be forthcoming.


63. (a) Every Jew who has attained the age of twenty-one years and resides in Greater Vancouver, shall be eligible for membership.

7(b) The membership shall be limited to fifty members....


84. (a) Membership in the organization shall be by way of application in writing, recommended by one member and submitted to the Secretary....

9(b) The application when received by the Secretary shall be read at the first meeting subsequent to the receipt of the application and after being read at the meeting, the application shall be handed to a standing membership committee composed of four members who shall bring in a report by the next regular meeting.

10(c) In the event of the application receiving the majority approval of the membership committee, the ballot shall be taken on such applicant and it shall require two rejection votes to disallow election.

Jewish Community Centre (Toronto, 1989)


11The objectives of the Centre shall be the following:

  1. To develop and conduct a comprehensive programme of guided leisure time activities utilizing the skills and methods of group work, informal education, fitness, recreation and cultural programmes and aimed at helping individuals achieve an affirmative identification with Jewish life and a deep appreciation of their responsibilities as citizens of Canada.
  2. To serve as a common meeting place for the entire Jewish community and co-operate with all groups concerned with enriching Jewish community life.

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