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Not Written in Stone

Daniel J. Elazar
Michael Brown
Ira Robinson

Part III: Selected Documents (Excerpts)

Professional Associations

Texte intégral

Alpha Omega Fraternity (Toronto, 1989)


1Alpha Omega is an International Dental Fraternity, the members of which are selected on the basis of Scholarship, Character, Leadership and Personality.

2The objectives of the Fraternity are to promote the profession of Dentistry; to establish, foster and develop high standards of Scholarship, Leadership and Character; to inculcate a spirit of fellowship amongst all its members; to create and bind together a body of professional people, who, by scholarly attainments, faithful service and the maintenance of ethical ideals and principles, have achieved distinction; to honour achievement in others; to strive for breadth of vision, unity in action and accomplishment of ideals; to commend all worthy deeds, and if fraternal welfare demands, to call and counsel with its members; to accept, sponsor and develop the cultural and traditional achievements of our faith; to build within our fraternity a triangle, the base of which is Judaism, the supporting sides, Professionalism and Fraternalism.

3The Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity is dedicated to the following purposes:

  1. to be ‘The Voice of the Jew in Dentistry;’
  2. to be ‘The Voice of Dentistry in all problems concerned with the Jewish Fate;’
  3. to uphold ‘The Image of the Jew in Dentistry;’
  4. to fight discrimination: in admissions to dental schools; in the educational process of dentistry; in the graduation of dental students from their respective schools; in procedures of licensing boards; in organized dentistry; and in the private practice of dentistry.


4WE, THE FRATERS OF THE TORONTO ALUMNI CHAPTER OF ALPHA OMEGA FRATERNITY, in order to maintain and perpetuate the aims and objectives as stated in the Creed of Alpha Omega, and in order to promote our general welfare both as a chapter and as individuals, do ordain and establish this constitution of Toronto Alumni Chapter of the Alpha Omega Fraternity. All articles and sections of this Constitution apply equally to male and female members of Toronto Alpha Omega, even though the terms ‘he,’ ‘his,’ etc. are used.

Article I – Name

5Sec. 1 The name of this organization shall be the Toronto Alumni Chapter of the Alpha Omega Fraternity.

Article II – Objects

6Sec. 1 To function as an Alumni Chapter of the Alpha Omega Fraternity.

7Sec. 2 To provide for the dissemination of knowledge concerning dentistry and related fields of science.

8Sec. 3 To maintain and elevate the ethics of the profession.

9Sec. 4 To encourage and promote community service.

10Sec. 5 To promote the general welfare of our members....

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