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Not Written in Stone

Daniel J. Elazar
Michael Brown
Ira Robinson

Part III: Selected Documents (Excerpts)

Charitable and Welfare Organizations

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Young Men’s Hebrew Benevolent Society of Montreal1


1Passed and adopted at the annual Meeting of the Society, held on the 13th August, 1871.

2ART. I. – NAME.

3Sec. I. – This Society shall be known by the name and title of ‘THE YOUNG MEN’S HEBREW BENEVOLENT SOCIETY OF MONTREAL.’


5Sec. I. – The object of this Society shall be to assist and grant temporary relief to needy and indigent persons of the Hebrew Religion.


7Sec. I. – The governing body of this Society shall be composed of a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and a Relief Committee of three Members, not officers of the Society.

8Sec. II. – The Relief committee shall have the power, in case of necessity, to add to their number.

  • 2 The two Montreal congregations at the time were Shearith Israel, the Spanish and Portuguese Synagog (...)

9Sec. III. – The clergymen of the two Congregations2 shall be Ex officio Members of the Relief committee.



11Sec. I – It shall be the duty of the President to convene all Meetings of the Society through the Secretary, and shall preside at the same, and shall in all cases have the casting vote.

12Sec. II – He, or the acting chairman shall sign the minutes of all meetings; and shall also sign all documents drawn against the Treasurer.

13Sec. III – He shall have the power, in case of urgent necessity, to grant immediate relief; but in no case shall such assistance exceed Five Dollars.

14Sec. IV – He shall be an Ex officio member of all committees, and chairman of the Board of Relief.


16Sec. I – He shall, in the absence of the President, be empowered to perform all the duties appertaining to that office.

17Sec. II – He shall be, Ex officio, a member of the Board of Relief.


19Sec. I – He shall receive and collect all monies belonging to the Society, and disburse the same on orders signed by the President, or, in his absence, the Vice-President or acting chairman.

20Sec. II – He shall keep a correct account of all receipts and disbursements of the Society, and Shall furnish quarterly statements of its affairs.

21Sec. III – He shall be, Ex Officio, a member of the Board of Relief.


23Sec. I – He shall keep accurate minutes of the transactions of all meetings of the Society, and shall convene the same by notice, when requested by the President.

24Sec. II – He shall make out all accounts against Members and Subscribers, and keep the necessary book to enter the same.

25Sec. III – He shall be, ex-officio, a member of the Board of Relief.


27Sec. I – It shall be the duty of this Committee, on receiving due notice from the President, to institute inquiries as to the circumstances and character of the applicant for Relief.

28Sec. II – They shall keep a register of the names, age, sex, nativity and character of the applicant for relief and such other information as may be interesting to the Society.

29Sec. III – It shall likewise be the duty of this Committee to determine what amount of assistance is necessary, and its mode of dispensation.



31Sec. I – Any person of the Hebrew Religion, over the age of thirteen years, and unmarried, shall be eligible for Membership.

32Sec. II – Any member of the Society, marrying whilst a member, shall still retain his connection in the capacity of original membership.

33Sec. III – No member who is in arrears shall have a right to vote at the Annual Meetings for the election of officers.

34Sec. IV – The Annual Subscription of each Member shall be Five Dollars, payable on demand.


36Sec. I – Any person may be elected an honorary member of this Society, as a mark of respect, by a unanimous vote.


38Sec. I – Ladies and gentlemen of the Jewish Religion shall be invited to subscribe voluntarily to the funds for the support of this Society.


40Sec. I – The Annual Report of the affairs of the Society shall be open for inspection at all annual meetings, by members of, and subscribers to the Society.


42Sec. I – The Annual Meetings of the Society for the election of officers, shall be held on the first Sunday in September.

43Sec. II – Quarterly Meetings of the Governing Body of the Society shall be held on the first Sunday in each of the months of January, April and August of each year, to investigate the affairs of the Society, and receive all reports.

44Sec. III – It shall be lawful for the President, on the requisition of any three members, to convene a Special General Meeting of the members.


46Sec. I – All Elections for Officers or Members shall be by ballot.

47Sec. II – No member shall be eligible for the office of President or Vice-President, unless he have previously served in some elective office.

48Sec. III – All ballots shall be decided by a majority of votes.


50Sec. I – These Bye-Laws shall not be altered or amended except by notice of motion of such and each alteration; giving one month’s notice thereof.


52Sec. I – The following shall be the Rules of Order at all meetings of this Society, viz:-

531. Reading of Minutes of preceding Meeting.

542. Reports of Standing Committees.

553. Reports of Special Committees.

564. Reports of Officers.

571. The President’s.

582. The Treasurer’s.

593. The Secretary’s.

605. Notice of Motions.

616. Unfinished Business.

627. General Business.

63JACOB G. ASCHER, President.

64LEWIS A. HART, Secretary.

Jewish Family Service (Calgary, 1960)

65... We the undersigned, hereby declare that we desire to form a Society under the Societies Act, and that:

  1. The name of the Society is ‘The Calgary Jewish Family Service Bureau.’

  2. The objects of the Society are to provide welfare services to Jewish residents in the City of Calgary and district, in the Province of Alberta, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the objects shall include:

    1. To encourage, promote and assist the welfare of Jewish residents in the City of Calgary and district by offering assistance and case-work services to families and to individuals;

    2. To provide a family and individual counselling service;

    3. To provide counsel and support with respect to problems of unemployment, illness, death, domestic discord, truancy, mental disorientation, personality disturbances, extra-marital pregnancy and other circumstances which may create difficulties of adjustments of Jewish families and Jewish individuals in the community;

    4. To provide a Jewish Child Welfare Committee for the City of Calgary and district and upon appointment as such to perform such duties, under the provisions of The Child Welfare Act, as the Child Welfare Committee may designate;

    5. To encourage, promote and assist in the proper care, protection and welfare of Jewish children and of Jewish children of unmarried parents and generally to interest itself in all problems of Jewish child welfare;

    6. To encourage, promote and assist in the placement of Jewish children for adoption or placement in Jewish foster homes and adoptive homes;

    7. To encourage, promote and assist in the proper care and welfare of the Jewish aged;

    8. To provide assistance to Jewish newcomers in need and who intend to settle in Calgary or district;

    9. To provide assistance to Jewish transients in need of assistance;

    10. To provide assistance and consultation to any organization in cases involving Jews;

    11. To provide professional and other services to any Jewish organization with objects similar to those of the Society;

    12. To refer problems coming to the attention of the Society to the agency deemed most qualified to handle such problems;

    13. To receive from and take advantage of the experience and abilities of any other Welfare Organization;

    14. To provide such other welfare services as may be approved from time to time by the Board of Directors.

  3. The operations of the Society are to be chiefly carried on in the City of Calgary and district, in the Province of Alberta.

  • 3 Note the Christian designation of the date as A.D. (i.e. year of our Lord). This dating was presuma (...)

66DATED this 16th day of November, A.D.3 1960.


1 This was the first Canadian Jewish non-synagogal organization.

2 The two Montreal congregations at the time were Shearith Israel, the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, and Shaar Hashomayim, the Ashkenazic congregation.

3 Note the Christian designation of the date as A.D. (i.e. year of our Lord). This dating was presumably standard legal practice.

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