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Not Written in Stone

Daniel J. Elazar
Michael Brown
Ira Robinson


Michael Brown et Ira Robinson

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1This book has been long in the making. The collection of documents from organizations across Canada took the combined efforts of a number of people: Miriam Eisen, Elisabeth Friedman, Paulana Layman, and Janine Muller. Merle Lightman of the Centre for Jewish Studies at York University has assisted with the project in invaluable ways. In fact, its completion would not have been possible without her. The Centre and the Department of Religion at Concordia University have been extremely forthcoming in support of the project. Through a generous research grant, the Department of Canadian Heritage of the Government of Canada has provided the funding that enabled the editors to bring the project to completion. Vicki Bennett and Lynne Mackay of the University of Ottawa Press have guided us safely and surely through the shoals of the publication process.

2Thanks are also due to the many organizations, archivists, and other individuals all over Canada who have taken the time to locate the documents we requested and to forward them to us. We are grateful to them and to the officers of various Canadian Jewish organizations for allowing us to print here excerpts from their constitutions and bylaws, which constitute the foundation documents of Canadian Jewry. We hope that this study will further our understanding of the Canadian Jewish community.

3We also wish to thank our colleagues and families who have heard us talk about this project for several years. Their patience, encouragement, and advice were of great help to us. And finally, we owe a debt of thanks to our co-worker, Daniel Elazar of Bar-Ilan University, who inspired the project, but did not live to see its completion.


Professor of Humanities and Hebrew at York University where he directed the Centre for Jewish Studies from 1995 to 2001. His most recent book, Jews and Judaism in Canada: A Bibliography of Works Published Since 1965 (1999-2000), was written and compiled in collaboration with Richard Menkis, Benjamin Schlesinger, and Stuart Schœnfeld

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