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The Canadian Distinctiveness into the XXIst Century - La distinction canadienne au tournant du XXIe siecle

Chad Gaffield
Karen L. Gould


Karen L. Gould

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1This volume is the result of an important collaboration between the Institute of Canadian Studies at the University of Ottawa and the International Council for Canadian Studies, an organization that represents twenty national and multi-national associations of Canadian Studies around the world. Held at the University of Ottawa, the May 2000 conference on “The Canadian Distinctiveness into the XXIst Century” attracted the participation of leading Canadian and international scholars from a variety of disciplines whose approaches to the topic were wide-ranging. The essays assembled here are therefore the fruits of a particular and especially timely dialogue about what has been and is likely to remain uniquely Canadian in Canada.

2Contributors to this volume have been asked to look backward as well as forward in their discussion and analysis of the distinctive character of Canadian society, culture, and politics. As a result, readers will find that the contexts for this scholarly dialogue are historical as well as contemporary. In an era of globalization and increasingly global perspectives on international issues, the subject of Canadian distinctiveness calls for renewed attentiveness to the distinguishing features and particular aspects of Canadian life that continue to define Canada as a unique political and cultural space. At the same time, our topic also lends itself to a number of comparative analyses that are insightful and particularly revealing for international Canadianists. Both the May 2000 conference and the volume of essays collected here mark the keen interest that Canadian and international scholars share in the subject of Canada and its special place in North America and in the world.


President of the ICCS, 1999-2001. Dean of the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Cincinnati. She is the author or co-editor of five books, including Writing in the Feminine: Feminism and Experimental Writing in Quebec (1990), and over 40 articles and essays dealing with women′s writing and culture in Québec and the French nouveau roman. She is Past President of the International Council for Canadian Studies, former President of the Association for Canadian Studies in the United States, and former editor of the interdisciplinary journal Québec Studies

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