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Confronting Discrimination and Inequality in China

Errol P. Mendes
Sakunthala Srighanthan


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1This publication is a result of extensive grassroots research conducted as part of a Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) funded project, implemented by a joint partnership of the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law, and the Peking University’s Research Centre for Human Rights. The editors would like to acknowledge with gratitude the funding provided by the CIDA which made this publication possible.

2This could not have been accomplished without the commitment, cooperation and hard work of our Chinese colleagues and friends at Peking University in Beijing. In particular, our deepest thanks and admiration as always go to Gong Renren and Bai Guimei, the courageous leaders of the Research Centre for Human Rights and champions in promoting human rights and equality in China today. The editors would also like to thank the many researchers in China who made valuable contributions to this book.

3The editors would like to express their sincere thanks to Yingliang Huang for his invaluable and tireless assistance in proofreading, translating and formatting the manuscript. Appreciation is also due to Sarah Reisler and Yu Mai for their assistance with editing, which helped us a great deal in finalizing the manuscript. We are also grateful to the Canadian contributors who shared their time, knowledge and expertise for the benefit of promoting anti-discrimination against vulnerable groups of people.

4Sakunthala Srighanthan would like to thank Errol P. Mendes for his leadership, guidance, encouragement and expertise, without which the project or this publication could not have been a success.

5Errol P. Mendes also acknowledges the great contribution, dedication, and collegiality that Sakunthala Srighanthan has made to the entire project that has resulted in this book. Without her patience and attention to detail this book would not have been possible.

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