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La littérature de jeunesse en classe de langue

Christèle Maizonniaux

Annexe 8 – L’album, représentations initiales

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Extrait du texte

A1 A book consisting mainly of pictures, with cartoon style dialogue or underwritten captions.
A2 This expression evokes literature that is directed at very young people.
I think of books dominated by image with limited written text and entertaining content with a strong moral focus.
A3 Creativity Colour Fun.
A4 Lots of pictures, few words. Words are simpler.
Pictures take most of the page and help explain the writing.
Evokes childhood memories and the TV show « Playschool » !
A5 It suggests a short book written for very young children, with at least half of the pages being taken up with colourful pictures and any writing large, in short sentences. I would expect there a maximum of 30 sentences in the book.
A6 Comics.
Learning simple nouns.
A7 Colour. Pictures. Adult + children stories with morals.
A8 Children’s books, books with many photos.
A9 Tintin or a book with no captions.
A10 Picture book differs from the term « youth literature » as it makes me think at more childish stories and words which are v...

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