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Socioeconomic Factors and Outcomes in Higher Education

Carlos Felipe Rodríguez Hernández

2. Research questions

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  1. What is the best way to combine seven socioeconomic variables in order to produce a single ses index?
  2. What is the relation among the ses index, saber 11 test outcomes and saberpro test outcomes?
  3. a) Is it possible to use socioeconomic variables to classify saber 11 and saberpro performance groups’membership? b) Which are the most significant predictors in these classifications?
  4. Are there significant differences in the Critical Reading and Quantitative Reasoning centroids1 between: a) the saber 11 performance groups? And b) the ses groups?
  5. Is there a significant effect of interaction, i. e., is the effect of belonging to a saber 11 performance group on saberpro outcomes different for students of high, middle and low ses?
  6. a) How universities affect the progress of the students in Quantitative Reasoning and Critical Reading? b) Are there different university effects for saber pro students’outcomes according to their ses index?


1 Centroids are vectors of multiple means, so what is referred to as Critical Reading and Quantitative Reasoning centroid is in fact a vector containing the means of these dependent variables (Tacq, 1997).

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