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Capitalismes – éthique – institutions

Edited by Nicolas Postel and Richard Sobel

This collection of titles seeks to study capitalisms in all their historical and geographical diversity. The angle of attack is that of institutions which ensure the social integration of capitalism and account for this spatio-temporal diversity. The analysis is conducted by highlighting the ethico-political compromises that are at the origin of these institutions, which enable them to function and legitimize them.

Very much part of the hermeneutical turn of the social sciences, this ethical questioning requires a transdisciplinary posture, one that this collection seeks to develop by mobilizing the social sciences in their entirety, in particular, economics, management, sociology, political science and history. In this, it is a question of countering, on the one hand, the excessive analytical hardening of the distinction between individualism and holism and, on the other hand, the excessive disciplinary hardening of each of the social sciences around their “own” object of study.

This collection contains both collective works (which are partly developed in collaboration with the RIODD network) and scientific but not jargon-filled essays intended for a cultured and curious public.

ISSN (Print version): 2117-8070

Electronic ISSN: 2780-5409

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