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Figurines de terre cuite en Méditerranée grecque et romaine

Arthur Muller
Ergün Laflı

3.2. Asie mineure

Archaic Terracottas from the Louis Robert Excavations at Amyzon

Terres cuites archaïques des fouilles de Louis Robert à Amyzon

Murat Çekİlmez

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The ruins of the ancient city of Amyzon1 rest on the hill called Asartepe, which is situated among the villages of Mersinbeleni, Gaffarlar, and Akmescit on border of the town of Koçarlı in the Aydın province. Strabo (14, 2, 22) mentioned that there was not much to tell about Amyzon as a city of the Carian region, since it might have been affiliated with the hinterland cities of Mylasa, Stratonikeia, Alabanda or with the other cities on the shore, as was the case with Heraklia, Euromos, and Khalketor. Within the ruins are the remains of a Doric temple of the Hellenistic period, dedicated to Apollo and Artemis, a theatre, a cistern, and the walls surrounding the town. Investigations and studies were carried out occasionally since the end of the 19th century.2 According to A. Tırpan, the walls of Amyzon support a terraced area with the temple, which also is supported by the theatre. Amyzon is believed to have been a cult center that served the surrounding area.3

The few terracottas pres...


Adnan Menderes University, Department of Archaeology, Aydın, Turkey.

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