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Espace urbain

New spirit of capitalism and the social construction of the « city »

Junya Tatemi et Kenkichi Nagao

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Historically, the development of capitalism has shaped geography. A popular opinion of globalization, however, is « the end of geography ». Is the contemporary world « pin-point » as assumed by the neoclassical economics? As Olivier Favereau (2013) stated, one of the biggest problems associated with the « conventions » of mainstream economics is the triumph of « abstract world »: evaluation of the « real world » as an imperfect version of « abstract world ».

In contrast to the idea of « the world is flat », city plays an important role on the contemporary capitalism. Capitalism requires the (re-)construction of space that is strongly characterised by political economic processes. In the Fordism era, the nation-state served as the fundamental unit of socio-economic space. Nation states had planned and implemented a « spatial Keynesian » regional policy that had contributed on balanced development in the modern welfare state.

Since the late 1970s, cities and regions have re-emerged as t...


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