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Cristalli di storicità

Emilio Carlo Corriero
Federico Vercellone

Understanding myself

Remo Bodei

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Extrait du texte

I must overcome two mental obstacles: one is constituted by the shamelessness of speaking of my work (because talking about oneself is something indecent); the other by the intimidating hermeneutic axiom that the author is the last one to understand himself. Faced with such barriers, my attempt will be to circumvent them, discovering an intermediate path between talking about oneself and looking at the objective concatenation of ideas which happens to be mine (as Nietzsche said, we are only the gardener of ideas that spontaneously grow in our minds).

In order to answer the questions you addressed to me, I will try to bypass these two barriers by distancing myself, as far as I can, from my work and, consequently, by seeing myself, so to speak, as if I were looking at me with an overturned telescope.

By addressing issues that are necessarily linked to biographical aspects, I would like, with a sense of strangeness, to start from the feeling of wonder and almost disbelief that takes me b...



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