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Sexual Behaviour and Risks of HIV Infection

The Centre d'études sociologiques of the Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis has been selected to participate in the 4th Medical and Health Research Programme of the European Communities by launching a «concerted action» programme on «Sexual Behaviour and Risks of HIV Infection».

These are the proceedings of a workshop that was held in Brussels on 5 to 7 April 1989. Its objectives were to discuss with representatives from about twenty potential collaborating centres a proposal for a co...

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Note de l’éditeur

Proceedings of an international workshop supported by the European Communities.

  • Éditeur : Presses de l’Université Saint-Louis
  • Collection : Travaux et recherches | 21
  • Lieu d’édition : Bruxelles
  • Année d’édition : 1990
  • Publication sur OpenEdition Books : 28 mai 2019
  • EAN (Édition imprimée) : 9782802800774
  • EAN électronique : 9782802803577
  • DOI : 10.4000/books.pusl.14060
  • Nombre de pages : 140 p.

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