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Scotland and the Scots, 1707-2007

Christian Auer


Timeline 1800-1900

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11801: Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and Ireland formally joined under the Act of Union to create the United Kingdom in 1801.

21814-1820: Height of the Sutherland Clearances.

31817: First edition of the Edinburgh-based Scotsman published by its founders, Charles MacLaren, William Ritchie and John MacDiarmid.

41819 (16 August): Eleven die at the Peterloo massacre in Manchester

51820: Death of George III.

61820: Radical War: risings of Scottish radicals at Bonnybridge and Strathaven.

71822: George IV’s visit to Edinburgh, orchestrated by Sir Walter Scott.

81824: Edinburgh’s Great Fire destroys the High Street, Parliament Square and the Tron Kirk.

91830: King George IV dies, aged 67; William IV ascends the throne.

101831: Scotland’s first passenger railway opened (between Glasgow and Garnkirk).

111833: Factory Act restricts work hours for women and children.

121837: Accession of Victoria.

131838: People’s Charter advocates social and political reform.

141838: Slavery abolished in the British empire.

151842: Intercity railway between Glasgow and Edinburgh opened by Queen Victoria.

161843: Disruption of the Church of Scotland; foundation of the Free Church.

171845: Scottish Poor Law.

181846-1847: Highland potato famine.

191848: Cholera epidemic in Glasgow.

201848 (April): A crowd of 100,000 people gathers on Glasgow Green to support the Chartist movement.

211853: Association for the Vindication of Scottish Rights campaigns for an increase in the number of Scottish MPs and for the post of Secretary of State (abolished in 1746) to be reinstated.

221868: Last fully public hanging in Scotland–that of Joseph Bell at Perth.

231868: Scottish Reform Act passed giving the vote to all male householders.

241869: Edinburgh University first in Britain to allow women to study medicine (though not graduate).

251872: Voting by secret ballot introduced for the first time.

261872: Education (Scotland) Act passed, providing elementary education for all children.

271879: Tay Bridge disaster.

281882: “Battle of the Braes” s in which crofters in Skye fight policemen during a dispute over land rights.

291883: Highland Land League formed to campaign for tenants’ rights for crofters.

301885: Duke of Richmond, Gordon & Lennox becomes first Secretary for Scotland since the office of Secretary of State was abolished in 1746.

311886: Crofters’ Holding Act providing limited security of tenure.

321886: Scottish Home Rule Association formed to present the case for a Scottish parliament.

331887: Wallace statue unveiled at the Wallace National Monument, Stirling.

341888: Keir Hardie founds the Scots Labour Party in Glasgow with Scottish Home Rule as a fundamental aim.

351897: Formation of the Scottish Trades Union Congress.

361890: Opening of the Forth Rail Bridge.

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