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Scotland and the Scots, 1707-2007

Christian Auer


Timeline 1700-1800

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11702: Accession of Queen Anne.

21707: Union of the Parliaments between England and Scotland.

31708: Failed Jacobite invasion attempt.

41714: Accession of George I of Hanover to the British throne.

51715: Jacobite Rising.

61719: Spanish invasion force supports Jacobites in Scotland; Battle of Glenshiel.

71724: General George Wade appointed Commander-in-Chief of the British army in Scotland.

81725: Malt Tax riots in Glasgow, against higher taxes imposed on Scottish malt.

91727: Royal Bank of Scotland formed.

101727: Death of King George I and accession of George II.

111736: Porteous riots in Edinburgh after the hanging of a smuggler by the City Guard led by Captain Porteous. The Guard kills several people in the ensuing riot.

121739: David Hume’s Treaty on Human Nature.

131742: Henry Dundas, known as “Uncrowned King of Scotland”, born.

141745 (September 21): Charles Edward Stuart, “Bonnie Prince Charlie”, victorious at Battle of Prestonpans.

151746 (April 16): Charles Edward Stuart defeated at Battle of Culloden.

161747: Proscription Act introduced, banning tartan and the carrying of weapons.

171752 (September 3): With the adoption of the Gregorian calendar, September 3, 1752 becomes 14, September.

181760: George III crowned, beginning a 60-year reign, one of the longest in British history.

191767: James Craig’s new plan for New Town of Edinburgh accepted.

201768: Construction of the Forth and Clyde canal started. It was to take 22 years to complete.

211768: First volume of Encyclopedia Britannica published in Edinburgh, edited by William Smellie.

221773: The ‘Hector’ sails for Nova Scotia in first major Highland emigration to Canada.

231776: David Hume dies; Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations.

241782: Proscription Act repealed, thus allowing again the wearing of tartan and the carrying of weapons.

251783: Glasgow Herald newspaper first published. Longest continuously published daily newspaper in Britain.

261786: Boswell and Johnson in Scotland.

271787: Glasgow weavers’ riot after their wages had been cut.

281791-1799: First Statistical Account of Scotland.

291793: Thomas Muir arrested for sedition.

301799: Robert Owen buys New Lanark Mills for his company.

311800: Food riots in Glasgow.

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