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Scotland and the Scots, 1707-2007

Christian Auer


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1I would first like to thank Christian Civardi and the late François Poirier who supported this project from the very beginning. My thanks also go to Lyndon Higgs and Karine Bigand for their careful reading and incisive comments and to Marjorie and Geoff Shaw for their generosity and friendship.

2I am also grateful to the anonymous reviewers of the Presses Universitaires de Strasbourg who encouraged me with their positive comments. My research in the primary sources over many years has been greatly assisted by the librarians and the archivists in the following institutions: the British Library, the British Library Newspaper Library (Colindale), the Edinburgh University Library, the National Archives of Scotland, the National Library of Scotland and the Mitchell Library. Finally I gratefully acknowledge the financial help of the University of Strasbourg.

3I have dedicated the book to my two sons Antoine and Thibaud who will, I hope, think with fondness of the year our family spent on the Black Isle some twenty years ago. And lastly I would like to thank my wife Laurette for sharing and encouraging my passion for Scotland and the Scots.

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