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Vladimir Nabokov et la France

Yannicke Chupin
Agnès Edel-Roy
Monica Manolescu
et al.

II. Intertextes français

Allusions to French Literature in Nabokov’s Eugene Onegin: the Case of Voltaire

David Rampton

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Estratto del testo

An impressive array of writers in the 20th century—Flann O’Brien (The Third Policeman), Luis d’Antin van Rooten (Mots d’Heures: Gousses, Rames), E. M. Koster (The Dissertation), Nicholson Baker (The Mezzanine), Mark Dunn (Ibid: A Life), Manuel Puig (Kiss of the Spider Woman), David Foster Wallace (Infinite Jest) have shown us how suggestive, demanding, and instructive works composed of text and commentary or narratives punctuated by footnotes can be. Vladimir Nabokov is perhaps the most famous in this regard. The one thing everyone knows about his Pale Fire is that its annotations threaten to displace an ostensible subject and reorient readers around a new, hyper-subjective critical centre. Like the books on the above list, Pale Fire is a work of fiction, even though it challenges us to define what we mean by such a claim. A set of equally famous annotations constitutes a major part of Nabokov’s edition of Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin. Here he deals with a genuine original, attempting t...


Professeur au Département d’anglais de l’Université d’Ottawa, au Canada, qu’il dirigea de 2002 à 2007. Spécialiste de littérature américaine et comparée, il est l’auteur de plusieurs livres, dont Vladimir Nabokov : A Critical Study of the Novels (1984), Vladimir Nabokov (1992), William Faulkner : A Literary Life (2008) et Vladimir Nabokov : A Literary Life (2012). Il a également dirigé plusieurs anthologies parmi lesquelles Prose Models (3e édition 1997) et Short Fiction (2e édition 2005) et publié une édition de Government Inspector and Other Works de Gogol (2014) ainsi que de Notes From Underground and Other Stories (2015) de Dostoïevski.

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