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Scotland and the Scots, 1707-2007

Christian Auer


Timeline 1900-2007

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11901: Death of Queen Victoria; succeeded by Edward VII.

21906: First two Labour MPs elected in Scotland.

31910: Edward VII dies and is succeeded by George V.

41914: Suffragette tries to blow up Burns Cottage.

51914: Outbreak of World War I.

61917: Parliament votes by a majority of 330 to give votes to women over 30 for the first time.

71918: John Maclean becomes Britain’s first Bolshevik Consul.

81919 (January 31): “Bloody Friday” Riot-mass rally of strikers in Glasgow’s George Square charged by police.

91923: Katherine Murray, Duchess of Atholl, first female Scottish MP when elected Unionist MP for Kinross & Western Perthshire.

101926 (3 May): General Strike declared after miners reject the Samuel Report.

111928: Voting age for women reduced from 30 to 21, the same as for men.

121934: Scottish National Party founded with the amalgamation of the National Party of Scotland and the Scottish Party.

131935: Anti-Catholic riots in Edinburgh.

141936: King George V dies and succeeded by King Edward VIII.

151936: King Edward VIII abdicates and King George VI accedes to the throne.

161939: Outbreak of World War II.

171941: Clydebank Blitz.

181945: First electoral victory of the Scottish National Party at the by-election in Motherwell and Wishaw.

191948: National Covenant, a petition calling for a Scottish Parliament, launched.

201950: Stealing of the Stone of Scone from Westminster.

211952: King George VI dies and Queen Elizabeth II becomes monarch.

221967: Hamilton by-election won by Scottish National Party.

231979: Scots vote in favour of Devolution, but fail to reach the required 40% of the population in favour of implementing it.

241996: Stone of Destiny returned to Scotland and installed in Edinburgh Castle.

251997: Referendum on Devolution, which approves the creation of a new Scottish Parliament by a substantial majority.

261999: Elections to the new Scottish Parliament. Number of seats won: Labour 56, SNP 35, Conservatives 18, Liberal Democrats 16, Greens 1.

271999: Donald Dewar elected as First Minister of the new Scottish Parliament.

281999: Opening of the new Scottish Parliament.

292001: Jack McConnell elected First Minister of Scotland.

302003: Second elections to the devolved Scottish Parliament. Number of seats won: Labour 50, Scottish National Party 27, Conservatives 18, Lib Dems 17, Greens 7.

312003: Jack McConnell elected as First Minister.

322004: New Scottish Parliament building officially opened by the Queen.

332007: Third elections to the devolved Scottish Parliament. Number of seats won: Scottish National Party 47, Labour 46, Conservatives 17, Lib Dems 16, Greens 2.

342007: Alex Salmond (SNP) elected as First Minister.

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