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Après l'apartheid

Jérôme Tournadre

Sigles et abréviations

Testo integrale

1AbM: Abahlali baseMjondolo

2AEC: Anti-Eviction Campaign

3ANC: African National Congress

4ANCYL: African National Congress Youth League

5APF: Anti-Privatisation Forum

6CALS: Center for Applied Legal Studies

7CANSA: Campaign Against Neoliberalism in South Africa

8CCF: Concerned Citizens Forum

9CCG: Concerned Citizens Group

10CCS: Center for Civil Society

11CDL: Conference for a Democratic Left

12COSATU: Congress of South African Trade Unions

13DLF: Democratic Left Front

14GEAR: Growth, Employment and Redistribution

15LPM: Landless People’s Movement

16MPAEC: Mandela Park Anti-Eviction Campaign

17MPB: Mandela Park Backyarders

18NACTU: National Council of Trade Unions

19NUMSA: National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa

20OKM: Operation Khanyisa Movement

21PAC: Pan Africanist Congress

22RDP: Reconstruction and Development Programme

23SACP: South African Communist Party

24SAMWU: South African Municipal Workers Union

25SANCO: South African National Civic Association

26SECC: Soweto Electricity Crisis Committee

27SMI: Social Movement Indaba

28SOPA: Socialist Party of Azania

29SACTU: South African Congress of Trade Unions

30TAC: Treatment Action Campaign

31UDF: United Democratic Front

32UPM : Unemployed People’s Movement

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