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Les sièges de Rhodes

Nicolas Faucherre
Isabelle Pimouguet-Pédarros

Rhodes during the Siege of 305-304 BC: Population, Territory and Strategy of Defense

Alain Bresson

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The siege of Rhodes in 305-304 BC was certainly the turning point in the city’s history. The efforts that were made on both sides, by the Rhodians defending their city and by Demetrios’attacking forces, remained engraved on people’s memories as one of the great military events of the ancient world. 2 It is no accident that Diodorus Siculus devoted many paragraphs (81-88 and 91-100) of book XX of his Historical Library to an account of this exceptionally memorable siege.3 It is not our purpose here to examine in detail the reasons that led the Rhodians to decide to resist Demetrios, the various episodes of the siege, or its conclusion and immediate consequences. Diodorus focuses on the military aspect of the siege of the capital town. He provides a breathless account, as if it were a duel between two equally valorous Homeric heroes. Of course, the courage of the defenders was certainly one of factors that led to the Rhodians’final success, although their sit...

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