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Temps et temporalités du Web

Valérie Schafer

Agencements temporels

Expanding Temporal and Participative Digital Horizons Through Web Documentaries for Social Change

Carles Sora


Recent forays into online and participatory social documentaries like QuestionBridge or Immigrant Nation are offering alternative temporal conceptions and participative processes compared to what other media activism does using social networks. These projects propose reiterative dialogues, where media time consumptions expand and differ from Internet standards, fostering long-term temporal horizons. Starting with the timescapes conceptual framework as a theoretical background, we will analyse two interactive documentaries as key examples of the new possibilities these platforms or storyspaces (places for sharing stories) bring about, where participants can share, exchange and contribute to the dialogue of relevant issues through a more multi-layered personal experience.


Time, Social Networks, Webdoc, Participation, Timescapes

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Extrait du texte

In recent years, the technological role and impact of social media and online media platforms on social movements has been reviewed and studied extensively (Howard & Hussain, 2011; Shirky, 2011; Howard & Parks, 2012; Tufekci, 2013; Poell & Dijck, 2015). From the Arab Spring movements and the #Indignados movement in Spain, to the more recent #Occupy in the United States and the Umbrella Movement in Hong-Kong, relevant use of digital social platforms in their daily communication activities proliferates.

In general, these movements have used two strategies to spread their messages and voices over the net: via private social networks and services like Facebook or Twitter, and through independent networks like Indymedia, Global Voices and others (Atton & Hamilton, 2008). Even though the dynamics, methodologies and outcomes of both strategies are noticeably different, using these platforms allows activists to have greater control over the way their messages are disseminated through the pub...


Pompeu Fabra University, Department of Communication, DigiDoc Group, Barcelona. Research fellow at Open Documentary Lab, MIT, Cambridge. Carles Sora is a visiting lecturer and researcher of Digital Media at the Communication Department of Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. He holds a PhD in Social Communication. He recently published Temporalidades Digitales. Análisis del tiempo en los new media y las narrativas interactivas (Editorial UOC, 2016). He currently studies digital temporalities, interactive documentaries, digital performances and other digital storytelling forms. He also works as an interactive designer and he leads and collaborates in interactive projects dedicated to cultural and scientific dissemination, theatre and education.

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