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Cultures courtoises en mouvement

Isabelle Arseneau
Francis Gingras

Discours et contre-discours de la courtoisie

A Measure of Courtliness: Sir Gawain and the Carl of Carlisle

Bonnie Millar

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The prominence of Gawain in a group of late Middle English popular romances reveals a great deal about the perception of courtliness in the later medieval period. One of these, Sir Gawain and the Carl of Carlisle, takes the blood-in-the-snow episode from “Perceval” and combines it with folkloric motifs such as the imperious host, reworking the Arthurian material for a late medieval English audience. Through dialogue, negotiation, and testing, the text explores the nature of courtliness, a mode of behaviour appropriate in a court setting or amongst court representatives – courtesy, understanding, loyalty, wisdom, obedience and knowing one’s place. The achievement of the anonymous author of Sir Gawain and the Carl of Carlisle is to make the model of courtliness relevant to all sections of society. In this paper I shall investigate how, through the movement between genres and from sources, the playing with expectation, a measure or standard of courtliness emerges, one which resonates w...


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