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Plurilinguisme et pluriculturalisme

Jane Koustas
Denise Merkle
Gillian Lane-Mercier

7. Re-visioning Translation for Multilingual Education in India

Vanamala Viswanatha

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There is a puzzling paradox at the core of modern Indian education. A large majority of non-literate people in the school of life, outside the four walls of the classroom, manage their personal and professional lives, learning and using the languages needed for their purposes without any formal schooling. However, a large majority of students who go through 10 to 12 years of schooling, in which curricular space and time are mandated for the teaching of two or three languages, are not able to learn any of the languages well enough to enable them to acquire the knowledge and capabilities needed to function satisfactorily. This is a gauntlet thrown down to multilingualism policy and practice in India, that raises important questions about what multilingualism is for, and how to achieve its goals by teaching many languages effectively.

Indian Multilingual Scene

Multilingualism has been a civilizational force permeating the history, geography and cultures of India. India’...


Professor in the School of Education at Azim Premji University. She works in Second Language Teacher Education, Literary Pedagogy, Indian Literatures, Gender Studies and Translation Studies. An award-winning translator working with Kannada and English, she has translated several works including narratives by women and dalit writers. She was Honorary Director, Centre for Translation, Sahitya Akademi and member, Advisory Committee, National Translation Mission.

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