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On Being Human

Daisaku Ikeda
René Simard
Guy Bourgeault


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1The authors would like to thank everyone who helped bring about the discussions reflected in these pages and all those who contributed to this publication, especially Tadashi Ohira, Vice-President of sgi-Canada, who played the role of Montreal-Tokyo liaison and devoted himself tirelessly to supporting and facilitating our dialogue; Dr. Yoishi Kawada, Director of Soka University’s Institute of Oriental Philosophy in Tokyo; sgi interpreters Ryoko Yakura, Lie Tsumaura, Tsutomu Kano and Richard Gage, who provided invaluable assistance at our meetings in Tokyo and Montreal; Helen Kandarakis, who translated some of the original French texts into English to ensure a smooth follow-through after our meetings in Tokyo; Jean Chapdelaine Gagnon, who skilfully translated and edited the French edition; the Ushio Publishing Company, under the direction of Kantaro Nishihara, which published our discussions in Japanese under the title Kenko-to-Jinsei-Shoro-Byoshi-o-Kataru; and the staff at Les Presses de l’Université de Montréal, who worked together to produce this book.

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