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Mutations en éducation et en formation

Edited by Thérèse Perez-Roux

 The collection includes works that analyse, from different angles, the changes taking place in our education and training systems.

First, institutional changes, linked to current education and training policies (national and international), which inevitably have an impact on the relationship to work and on the identity dynamics of the actors (players?) in these systems.  The collection also explores analyses that show how these developments are forcing players to change their relationship to the standardisation of mechanisms and institutions and to find new resources for action. Finally, the collection includes publications dealing with changes that affect scientific activity itself and demonstrate the extent that these multiple changes, in turn, produce transformations in the field of research.

"Developments in education and training" is aimed at a wide audience and highlights the need for a high level of science.

ISSN (Print version): 2495-6899

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