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Sacrifices humains

Perspectives croisées et représentations

Human Sacrifice. Cross-cultural perspectives and representations

The topic of human sacrifice, which tends to provoke both fascination and disgust, leaves few people indifferent and remains a highly contested academic issue.

The present volume is not concerned with the historical reality of human sacrifice, a question that continues to divide historians and anthropologists. Rather, it is interested in how different ancient cultures represented human sacrifice differently, both theirs and that of others, either as an event or a symbol. How does a soc...

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  • Publisher : Presses universitaires de Liège
  • Series : Religions | 2
  • Place of publication : Liége
  • Year of publication : 2013
  • Published on OpenEdition Books : 19 novembre 2020
  • EAN (Print version) : 9782875620217
  • Electronic EAN : 9791036560699
  • DOI : 10.4000/books.pulg.8088
  • Number of pages : 288 p.

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