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The Sacrificial Rituals of Greek Hero-Cults in the Archaic to the Early Hellenistic Period

Gunnel Ekroth

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1Fig. 1 Horos from Porto Raphti, Attica, IG II2 4977. Drawing after Rhousopoulos 1862, 83, no.84 30

2Fig.2 Plan of the Archegesion, Delos. Modified after Robert F. 1953, 11, fig. 1 38

3Fig. 3 Altar dedicated to Hera, sanctuary of Poseidon, Thasos. After Bon & Seyrig 1929, 334, fig.9 55

4Fig.4 Athenian red-figure volute-krater, c. 500–480BC, Karlsruhe, Badisches Landes-museum 68.101. Museum photograph 56

5Fig. 5 (a) Athenian red-figure oinochoe, c. 490-480 BC. Athenian Agora P 15010. Photograph American School of Classical Studies at Athens: Agora Excavations. (b) Athenian red-figure neck amphora, c. 500–480 BC. Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum 741. Museum photograph 57

6Fig. 6 Lucanian kalyx-krater, c. 400–375 BC. Paris, Cabinet des Médailles 422. From Furtwängler & Reichhold 1900, pl. 60:1 175

7Fig.7 Athenian red-figure kylix, c. 525–550BC. Paris, Louvre G112. From Stengel 1920, pl.3, fig. 12 243

8Fig. 8 Athenian black-figure pelike, c. 500 BC. Paris, Collection Frits Lugt 3650, Institut Néerlandais. Museum photograph 244

9Fig.9 Athenian red-figure lekythos, c. 475–450 BC. Munich, Staatliche Antikensammlungen und Glyptotek, von Schoen 62. Museum photograph 246

10Fig.10 (a) Silver coin from Syracuse showing the hero Leukaspis, late 5th century BC, Munich, Staatliche Münzsammlung. Museum photograph.

11(b) Drawing of silver coin from Syracuse showing the hero Leukaspis, late 5th century BC. After Rizzo 1946, 215, fig. 47b 260

12Fig.11 Fragment of a kylix. Red-figure terracotta, diam. 10.1 cm. Greece, Athenian, c. 490–480 BC. ©The Cleveland Museum ofArt,2001, Dudley P. Allen Fund, 26.242.Museum photograph 272

13Fig. 12 Athenian black-figure amphora, c. 550 BC. Viterbo, Museo Archeologico Rocca Albornoz. Museum photograph 274

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