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The Iconography of Greek Cult in the Archaic and Classical Periods

Robin Hägg

Programme of the Seminar

Texte intégral

Friday, 16th November, 1990

117.30 Opening Session

2Formal addresses

318.00 First Session. Chairman: I. Loucas
Nanno Marinatos (Athens): The iconography of cult
Brita Alroth (Uppsala): Changing modes of representation of cult images
Folkert van Straten (Leiden): The iconography of epiphany
Kevin Clinton (Ithaca, New York): The “omphalos” of Eleusis

Saturday, 17th November, 1990

410.00 Visit to the archaeological site and the museum of Delphi

517.00 Second Session. Chairman: R. Hägg
Petros G. Themelis (Rethymnon): The cult scene on the polos of the Siphnian caryatid at Delphi
Ioannis Loucas (Athens): Meaning and place of the cult scene of the Ferrara crater Τ128
Annie Verbanck-Piérard (Mariemont): Herakles at feast: a mythical or cultic iconography?

619.00 Third Session. Chairman: Olga Palagia
Eveline Loucas-Durie (Athens): Some comments on the scene on the cabiric vase Athens, N.M., 424
Charlotte Scheffer (Stockholm): Boeotian festival scenes: competition, consumption and cult
Gullög Nordquist (Uppsala): Music in Greek cult scenes

Sunday, 18th November, 1990

79.00 Fourth Session. Chairman: K. Clinton
Robin Hägg (Athens): A scene of funerary cult from Argos
Ulrich Sinn (Athens): The sacred flocks of Artemis Hemera at Lousoi
Ulrich Hubinger (Athens): The cult of Pan on Mt. Lykaion
Olga Palagia (Athens): Cult and allegory: the life story of Artemidoros of Perge

811.30 Fifth Session. Chairman: P. Themelis
Final discussion
Conclusions of the Seminar, by K. Clinton


9Brita Alroth, Uppsala

10Kevin Clinton, Ithaca, New York

11Gunnel Ekroth, Stockholm

12Johan Flemberg, Uppsala/Athens

13Robin Hägg, Athens

14Sven von Hofsten, Stockholm

15Ulrich Hübinger, Olympia/Athens

16David Jordan, Athens

17Ioannis I.oucas, Athens

18Éveline Loucas-Durie, Athens

19Nanno Marinatos, Athens

20David Mitten, Athens/Cambridge, Mass.

21Gullög Nordquist, Uppsala

22Olga Palagia, Athens

23Michael Pettersson, Göteborg

24Maria Pipili, Athens

25Ewa Samuelsson, Stockholm

26Charlotte Scheffer, Stockholm

27Ulrich Sinn, Athens

28Anne Stewart, Athens

29Folkert van Straten, Leiden

30Petros Themelis, Rethymnon/Athens

31Annie Verbanck-Piérard, Mariemont

32Berit Wells, Lund/Göteborg

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