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Reading Percival Everett

Claude Julien
Anne-Laure Tissut

IV. The Writer's Own Turn

A Checklist of Percival Everett’s Works, as of June 2006

Claude Julien

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All items appear in chronological order according to the year when they were first published. The bottom page notes trace existing translations as well as the publishing histories of the author’s short fiction when applicable. Reprints of the novels appear under the items themselves.


Suder. 1983. New York, NY: Viking. —Reprint: 1999. Baton Rouge, La.: Louisiana State University Press.

Walk Me to the Distance. 1985. New York, NY: Ticknor & Fields. —British edition: 1986. London: Century-Hutchinson. —Made into a film: 1990. “Follow Your Heart” (NBC).

Cutting Lisa. 1986. New York, NY: Ticknor & Fields. —Reprint: 2000. Baton Rouge, La.: Louisiana State University Press.

Zulus. 1990. Sag Harbor, NY: Permanent Press.

For Her Dark Skin. 1990. Seattle, Wa.: Owl Creek Press.

God’s Country. 1994. London and Boston: Faber and Faber.

Watershed. 1996. Saint-Paul, Mn.: Graywolf Press.

The Body of Martin Aguilera. 1997. Seattle, Wa.: Owl Creek Press.

Frenzy. 1997. Saint-Paul, Mn.: Graywolf Press.

Glyph. 1999. Saint-Paul, Mn.: Graywolf Press.

erasure. 2001. Hanover, NH, and London: University Press of New England.1 —Reprint: 2003. London: Faber and Faber.

Grand Canyon, Inc. (a novella). 2001. San Francisco, Ca.: Versus Press.

American Desert. 2004. New York, NY: Hyperion.2

A History of the African-American People [Proposed] by Strom Thurmond. As Told to Percival Everett and James Kincaid.3 New York, NY: Akashic Books.

Wounded. 2005. Saint-Paul, Mn.: Graywolf Press.4

Short story collections

The Weather and Women Treat Me Fair. House. 1987. Little Rock, Ak.: August

“A Real Hard Rain”
“A Good Home for Hashita
“A Good Day for the Laughing Blow”
“Cry About a Nickel”.5
“Last Fair Deal”
“Hear That Long Train Moan”.6
“Thirty-Seven Just to Take a Fall”
“The Bear as Symbol”.7
“Still Hunting”
“Gaining the Door”
“Chacón, Chacón”.8
“Nice White People”
“The Weather and Women Treat Me Fair ”

big picture. 1996. Saint Paul, Mn.: Graywolf Press.

“Turned out”.10
“Wolf at the Door”.11
“Dicotyles Tajacu”
“Pissing on Snakes”
“Throwing Earth”.12
“Big Picture”

damnedifido. 2004. Saint Paul, Mn.: Graywolf Press.

“The Fix”.14
“Alluvial Deposits”.16
“True Romance”.17
“Age Would Be That Does”.18
“The Appropriation of Cultures”.19
“Warm and Nicely Buried”.20
“Afraid of the Dark”.21
“The Devolution of Nuclear Associability”.22
“The Last Heat of Summer”.23
“Randall Randall”.24

Uncollected short stories

“Rose Nose”. The Aspen Journal of the Arts, Summer 1982.
“Riding the Fence”. Montana Review, #8, 1986.
“Half an Inch of Water”. In Ives Rich, ed. From Timberline to Tidepool: Contemporary Fiction from the Pacific Northwest. Seattle, Wa.: Owl Creek Press, 1986.
“In the Dark a Blade”. Modern Short Stories, 1988.
“How the West Was Won”. Black American Literature Forum, 1989.
“The Man in the Moon”. Shooting Star Review, Vol. 5, n° 1, 1991.
“Les Visages de la folie”. New Novel Review, 1996.
“Finem respice”. Agni, #46, 1997.
“The Fisherman’s Wife”. Fiction International, 30: Pain 2, 199’’.
“Meiosis”. Callaloo, Vol. 20, n° 2, 1998. Reprinted in Callaloo, Vol. 24, n° 2, 2001.25
“Staying between the Lines”. Callaloo, Vol. 23, n° 4, 2000.
“Why I Am From Texas”. Callaloo, Vol. 24, n° l, 2001.
“If (Again)”. Nocturnes re(view), n° l. Berkeley, Ca., 2001.
“Inflected Forms”. Meridian, n° 7. University of Virginia, 2001.
“Believers”. Callaloo, Vol. 24, n° 4, 2001.
“Image vs. Metaphor”. While You Were Sleeping. Bethesda, Md., 2003.
“A Stiffer Breeze”. Callaloo, Vol. 27, n° 3, 2004.


“Signing to the Blind”. Callaloo, Vol. 14, n° 1, 1991.
“The Revolution Will Not be Televised”. Hungry Mind Review # 45, 1998
“F/V: The New New Novel” (short fiction/essay). Callaloo. Vol. 22, n° l, 1999.
“Why I’m from Texas”. In Callaloo, Vol 24, n° l, 2001.
“Foreword”. In Charles H. Rowell, Ed. Making Callaloo: 25 Years of Black Literature. New York, NY: St. Martin’s Press, 2002.
“The Harmony of Remote Places”. In Conde Nast Traveller. London, 2003.
“Raising Horses, Writing Novels”. In Speakeasy. Minneapolis, Mn., 2003.
“Red States?”. In What Do We Do Now? Hoboken, NJ: Melville House, 2004.
“Etre dictateur au nom de la liberté.” In Libération. Paris, Oct. 17, 2004.
“Introduction” to The Jefferson Bible. New York, ΝY: Akashic US Presidents Series 2004.
“909”. In My California. California Arts Council Publication, 2004.
“A Modality.” In “Fiction’s Present”, a special issue of Symploke, 2005.

For children

The One That Got Away.26 1992. New York, NY.: Clarion Books (Houghton Mifflin C°.)


“Burning”, “Obturator internus”, “Orbicularis palpebrarum’”, “The Sternum”, “The Hyoid Bone”, “Logic”, “T”. In One Eye Review. Winnipeg, Canada: Cyclops Press, 2001.27

“A”, “B”, “C”. In Ludlow Press Poetry. New York, NY: 2004. [electronic edition.]28

re:f (gesture). 2006. Los Angeles, Ca.: Black Goat Poetry Series, Red Hen Press..


1 Translated into French by Anne-Laure Tissut. Effacement. 2004. Paris: Actes Sud.

2 Translated into French by Anne-Laure Tissut. Désert Américain. 2005. Paris: Actes Sud.

3 A novel co-authored with James Kincaid.

4 Translation into French by Anne-Laure Tissut: forthcoming (January 2008).

5 Also appeared in Craig Lesley, ed. 1993. Dreamers and Desperados: Short Fiction of the American West. New York, NY: Dell. Reprinted in Glasrud & Champion, ed. The African American West: A Century of Short Stories, University Press of Colorado. Reprinted in The World Begins Here: An Anthology of Oregon Fiction. Oregon State Univ. Press, 2001.

6 Also appeared in Madison Smart Bell. 1997. Narrative Design: A Writer’s Guide. New York, NY: Norton.

7 First published in Callaloo, Vol. 9, n° 2, 1986.

8 First published in Montana Review #8, 1986.

9 In 20/40. An Anthology. Oxford, Ms.: University of Mississippi Press (forthcoming).

10 First published as “Bull Does Nothing” in Callaloo, Vol. 12, n° 2, 1989

11 Republished in In Our Nature: Stories of Wildness. D. Seaman, ed. New York, NY: Dorling Kindersley, 2000.

12 First published in Texas Review, Vol XI, nos 3 & 4, 1990. Also published in Garrett, George and Paul Ruffin, Eds., 1993. That’s What I Like About the South: Southern Short Fiction for the 1990s. University of South Carolina Press.

13 First published in Callaloo, Vol. 16, n° 3,1993.

14 First published in New York Stories, Winter 1999. Republished in Best American Short Stories 2000. Recorded by Symphony Space (New York) 2002. Performed on NPR, performed at Sundance Film Festival.

15 First published in Fiction International, Vol. 34, Spring 2002.

16 First published in Story, Winter 1998. Reprinted in Our Working Lives: Short Fiction of Work. Huron, Oh.: Bottom Dog Press, 2000.

17 First published in Story, Winter 1999.

18 First published in Callaloo, Vol. 13, n° 4, 1990. Also appeared in Clarence Major, Ed. 1993. Calling the Wind. New York, NY: Harper Collins.

19 First published in Callaloo, Vol. 19, n° l, 1997. Also appeared in Bill Henderson, Ed. 1998. The Pushcart Prize. XXII.

20 First published in The Idaho Review, Vol. III, 2001.

21 First published in Tri-Quarterly, n° 109, 2000.

22 First published Callaloo, Vol. 22 n° l, 1999. Also appeared in Claude Julien, Ed. Regards croisés sur les Afro-Américains. 2003. GRAT N° 27, Tours, France: Presses Universitaires François-Rabelais.

23 First published in Ploughshares. Boston, Ma., 2003.

24 First published in Charles H. Rowell, Ed. 1995. Ancestral House: The Black Short Story in the Americas and Europe. New York, NY: Westview Press. Reprinted in Quashie, Lausch and Miller, ed. New Bones: Contemporary Black Writers in America. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2001.

25 Also appears in the anthology edited by Charles H. Rowell: Making Callaloo. 25 Years of Black Literature. New York, NY: St. Martin’s Press, 2002.

26 Illustrated by Dirk Zimmer. [Junior Library Guild selection.]

27 Reprinted in book form in re:f (gesture).

28 Reprinted in book form in re:f (gesture).

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