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Seeing Things: literature and the visual

Peter Vernon

Notes on Contributors

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1Nancy Pedri worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Amsterdam from 2000-05 and is currently teaching at McGill University, Canada. She has published widely on word-image relations in contemporary French, Italian and English Literatures.

2Jennifer Kilgore is Maître de Conférences at the University of Caen, Basse Normandie. She specialises in Twentieth-Century Poetry and American Literature, and is responsible for the Geoffrey Hill Server at the University of Caen.

3Claudine Raynaud is Professor of English and American Literature at the Université de Tours, and is former director of GRAAT. She has published widely in Seventeenth-Century British Literature and Black American Studies

4Elizabeth Sakellaridou is Professor of English and Comparative Drama at the Aristotle University, Thassaloniki, Greece. She has recently coedited (Dis) Placing Classical Greek Theatre.

5Hélène Catsiapis is University Professor at L'Ecole Centrale de Lille, where she specialises in Theatre and Twentieth-Century Literature.

6Ewa Keblowska-Lawniczak is Director of Evening Studies and Deputy Director of the English Department at Wroclaw University, Poland.

7Derval Tubridy is Lecturer in the Department of English, Goldsmiths College London. Her research interests are Twentieth-Century Literature, Theory, and the Visual Arts. She has recently published a monograph on Thomas Kinsella.

8Soňa Nováková is Assistant Professor of English Literature, Charles University Prague and Director of the British Cultural Studies Centre in Prague, Czech Republic. She specialises in Eighteenth-Century Fiction and Contemporary Literature written by Women.

9Tatiana Jukic is an Assistant at the University of Zagreb, Croatia where she specialises in Nineteenth-Century British Literature. She has written a book on Literature and the Visual in Nineteenth-Century Britain.

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