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Bonds of Union

Isabelle Bour
Antoine Mioche


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1This collection of essays originated in a conference held in France at the University of Tours on 5 and 6 June 2003. The conference gathered scholars from France, Britain and the United States, representing fields institutionally as far apart as history, literature and law. Starting from different geographical and intellectual perspectives, they sought to identify in the Union of England, Scotland and (Northern) Ireland more than a constitutional construct—a locus of (self-) representations and a vehicle for political and cultural practices. Disciplinary boundaries were successfully overcome, and as a lawyer, for instance, confronted his viewpoint with that of a religious historian, and a political historian discussed the Union as problematised by a scholar analysing recent Ulster plays on the Union, the Union revealed its resilience and its usefulness as a theoretical matrix of wider relevance for other forms of union and association.

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