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Le cheval au Moyen Âge

Elisabeth Lorans


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Warhorse in Late Antiquity : breeding, veterinary medicine and horse equipment

Stavros Lazaris and Amandine Cristina

The evolution of horse usage, with the expansion of the cavalry from the 4th century onwards, depended on quality livestock, intensification of hippiatric medical research and development of horse-related instruments both for the use of the rider and his mount.

The Early Byzantine and Roman cavalry were dependent on this triad, otherwise they could not have succeeded against more experienced Barbarians. The enemy’s experience was matched with experimentation, development and continuous improvement of an expertise which allowed them to reverse the situation to their advantage in later confrontations with nomadic people.

This triad actually took place almost simultaneously, unlike what was thought for a long time. Specifically, these three pieces of the puzzle, directly linked to the expansion of the cavalry, appeared between the 3rd and 5th/6th centuries and bear witness t...

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