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Bretonneau. Correspondance d’un médecin – Tome 3

Pierre-Fidèle Bretonneau

La correspondance (1841-1859)

No 471. De William Stokes à Pierre-Fidèle Bretonneau 1856, 6 octobre. – Dublin

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Extrait du texte

A. BU de médecine de Tours : B1-10.

Recommandation d’une patiente à Bretonneau. – Témoignage de la notoriété de Bretonneau à Dublin.

Dublin, October 6, 1856.

Respected sir,

I have advised my patient Mrs Ormea to place herself under your care. She is going to Tours, and she intends to remain there during the winter season. Her case is one of great nervous debility. She suffers from serious [mot ill.]. I am in hopes that up to the present time, she is not the subject of organic disease. I think she has suffered from the effects of our humid climate and I trust that the more dry and clear air of France and your lucid treatment will restore her to health.

Thirty years have passed since I first studied your work on diphtheritis. I am glad to learn from my friend Miss Smith, who is a resident in Tours, that you continue in the enjoyment of the blessings of health. Your name is never mentioned in this school unless with honour.

I am to subscribe myself yours, most faithfully,

William Stokes1


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