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Le crime, le châtiment et les écossais

Jean Berton
Bill Findlay

Avant-propos – Foreword

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1The collection of essays which make up this publication have their origins in the 16th annual conference of the French Society for Scottish Studies which was held at the Universities of Toulouse Jean Jaurès and Capitole in January 2016. Each year the organising committee proposes an exploration of Scottishness from a distinctive perspective, one which must appeal to the pluri-disciplinary nature of our research group and hence encourage the cross-fertilisation of ideas and discussions. The theme selected for the 2016 conference, “Crime, Punishment, and the Scots”, was inspired, not by Dostoyevsky’s masterpiece of that name, but by the intriguing fact that the tandem “crime and punishment” has both an eternal and universal feel to it and, at the same time, is deeply rooted in and distinctive to the society it emanates from.

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