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Jan Driessen


Jan Driessen

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1Within the domain of Aegean studies there are few scholars who have made such an impact, through the organisation and publication of international meetings as well as related monographs, as Robert Laffineur, now emeritus professor of the University of Liège. The roadmap reflected by the 16 Rencontres égéennes internationales/ International Aegean Conferences has connected Aegean scholars throughout the world (Fig. 0.1) – a real Odyssey! The thus far 40 published Aegaeum volumes have allowed the speedy and attractive publication of innovative research in our domain. Besides Robert Laffineur’s own impressive scholarship, to which the gold goblet of the Brussels Museum adorning the present volume makes reference, our honorand has been instrumental in introducing a score of scientific methods in our field. Obtaining a Concerted Research Grant (ARC) for a project dealing with the crisis years (13th-12th c. BC) in the Late Bronze Age eastern Mediterranean provided our research group at the UCLouvain an opportunity to invite a series of distinguished scholars to come to Belgium in the context of a seminar series called ‘New Perspectives on the Mycenaean World’ in 2015-2016. Most of the scholars who participated in this series were keen to offer a text for publication in the present volume. In addition, a series of friends with whom Robert has collaborated in the past were also eager to participate. Altogether it is just a small token of appreciation for RA-PI-NE-U as he has been known since 1990!

Fig. 0.1. RA-PI-NEU’s Odyssey (N. Kress)

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