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Crisis to Collapse

Tim Cunningham
Jan Driessen

IV. Modelling Climate and Reading Response

11. Crisis in the Highlands

Agent-based Modelling of the Early Bronze Age I (ca. 4950-4700 BP). Socio-economic Transformations at Arslantepe (Eastern Anatolia)

Bulent Arikan

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Science-based methods and statistical modelling go hand-in-hand with studies of climate change but need to be correlated with the human response which seems not to track the stimulus in any simple or predictable way.

The Late Chalcolithic settlement at Arslantepe (Levels VII - VI A, ca. 5850-4950 BP) revealed a society that gathered around temples and a palace, achieved centralised and mass production of goods, established a redistributive economy, and reached hierarchic political organisation. This socio-economic system ended with a catastrophic fire around 4950 BP and the new settlement at the start of the Early Bronze Age I had a completely different nature in terms of economy and social organisation. Through agent-based modelling, various scenarios have been tested to explore how the new settlement might have grown out of the Late Chalcolithic crisis.

1. Malatya-Elazig Plain

1.1. The Environment

The Malatya-Elazig Plain (Fig. 11.1) displays an elevation range of 672-2538 m above...


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