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Crisis to Collapse

Tim Cunningham
Jan Driessen

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Fig. 2.1.

The crater remains of the three eruptions discussed here. A : Aniakchak (courtesy of M. Williams, US National Park Service) ; B: Crater Lake (from Wikipedia) ; C: Laacher See (from Wikipedia)


Fig. 2.2.

Schematic of the punctuated entropy model, redrawn and adapted from Dyer (2002)


Tab. 2.1.

The evolutionary and disaster risk reduction terminology articulated


Tab. 2.2.

Summary characteristics of the volcanic eruptions compared in this chapter. DRE = dense rock equivalent. Crisis management strategies given in brackets may have been present, but are supported only by weak evidence


Tab. 2.3.

Hazard agents and their changing spatial dynamics. The impact zonation follows Thorarinsson (1979)


Fig. 2.3.

Schematic of the spatiality (cf November 2008) and temporaility of risk related to explosive volcanic eruptions and their attendant hazards. Compiled by F. Riede


Tab. 2.4.

A scale for human impact thresholds and response action in relation to natural hazards (after Burton et alii 19...

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