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How Long is a Century?

Charlotte Langohr

13. Postpalatial Palaikastro

The Settlement and its Ceramics in LM IIIB

Tim Cunningham

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There is comparatively little LM IIIB pottery at Palaikastro1. Somewhere around the end of LM IIIA2 or the beginning of LM IIIB, as near to each as makes no difference, the town site at Roussolakkos was abandoned. It is unlikely that the entire area was totally deserted during this time, but the portion of the town thus far excavated in 1902-1906, 1962-1963 and 1986-20032 (Fig. 13.1), a portion of the town whose architectural history shows continuity back into the Middle Bronze Age, and whose cultural history stretches back even further, was.


Fig. 13.1. Palaikastro, annotated area map, updated from 1902-1906 excavations, showing areas under discussion (after Sackett et alii 1965: pl. 64)

Following a hiatus that was likely more than five but less than 50 years, we see clear signs of scavenging, reuse and limited reoccupation. Pottery from this phase is certainly LM IIIB, neither very early nor very late in the period. Evidence from this phase suggests small isolated pock...

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