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Excavation at Sissi IV

Jan Driessen

5.4. The Excavation of the West Wing (Zone 10)

Simon Jusseret

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1. Introduction

Zone 10 was opened in 2015 as a new, ca. 270 m2 excavation sector adjacent to the west of Zone 6 (or ‘court area’) and to the south of Zone 11 (or ‘North-West Wing’). As such, Zone 10 was intended to encompass the presumed West Wing of the Neopalatial Court-Centred Building tentatively identified in 2011 (Sissi III: 135-154). The corresponding area slopes gently towards the east and south. This report focuses on the 2015 excavations undertaken in Zone 10; results of the 2016 investigations in part of the West Wing are reported elsewhere in this volume (§5.5). Since we are still hesitant to associate all architectural remains surrounding court 6.8 with a single, Court-Centred Building, constructions brought to light to the west of façade wall F59 are here designated as Buildings J (northwest) and K (southwest) (cf. fig 5.1.1).

Initially started as a 7.5 x 4 m area2 to the east of wall F58 (fig. 5.4.1), Zone 10 was first extended by opening a trench to the southwest of...


Department of Anthropology, The University of Texas at Austin & AEGIS/CEMA/UCL. Thanks are due to J. Driessen, M. Devolder and S. Déderix for numerous instructive discussions in the field, to M. Devolder for advice on the architecture of spaces 6.17 and 10.1, and to N. Kress for his help with the topographic mapping and aerial photo coverage of Zone 10. M. Devolder kindly revisited the site in spring 2017 to take a close-up photo of the socket illustrated on fig. 5.4.14.

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