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Excavation at Sissi IV

Jan Driessen

5.1. Continued Excavation of the Court-Centred Building at Sissi

Jan Driessen

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During the very last days of our first five-year programme in August 2011, solid indications were found of the existence of a Court-Centred Building (CCB) in what was then called Zone 6 on the south-eastern plateau which forms a somewhat lower level of the summit of the hill (Sissi III: 135-154). When we returned to the site in 2015 after an interruption for study, the area west of Zone 6 was first intensively cleared and submitted to a geophysical survey (cf. §2). The positive results of this survey defined the excavation strategy that was adopted during the 2015 and 2016 campaigns. The survey and the topography imposed a spatial division of the terrain in separate zones that were explored by three teams in 2015 (under the direction of S. Déderix, M. Devolder and S. Jusseret) and three teams in 2016 (under the direction of T. Claeys, M. Devolder and O. Mouthuy). The aerials in figure 5.1.1 show how the zones were implanted in the field and the labelling of the building remains. As ...

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