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Excavations at Sissi

Jan Driessen

8. The Excavation of Zone 6

Simon Jusseret

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The 2007 campaign highlighted an extensive Late Minoan occupation on top of the Kephali hill (Zones 3 and 4), while the peripheral, topographically lower terraces (Zones 1, 2 and 5) revealed more evidence for earlier periods of activity. The location of a series of trenches in the southeast part of the summit of the hill (fig. 1.16) offered the possibility to assess the date and nature of occupation in this area, at the same time allowing a better, diachronic understanding of the topographical organisation of the Minoan settlement. The excavated area is located about 50 m southeast of the nearest trenches (Zones 3, 4) and its eastern border is only 3 m away from the steep southeast cliff of the hill. Zone 6 itself is at about 17 m asl, with the ground rising gradually towards the west. The excavation proceeded in two steps. First, a trench of 4 by 4 m (BK/BL 90/91) was opened north of Wall F7 (cf. below), visible on the surface and spotted during the 2007 t...

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