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Excavations at Sissi II

Jan Driessen

5. Building CD

5.3. The Excavation of Zone 4

Quentin Letesson

Note de l’auteur

Postdoctoral Fellow FRS-F.N.R.S. (Université Catholique de Louvain). Team: M. Anastasiadou (UMarburg, 2010), A.-M. Avramut (UVienna, 2009), Th. Claeys (UCL, 2009), T. Daroczi (UHeidelberg, 2009), T. Gomrée (ULyon, 2010), K. Jacobson (2009, 2010), N. Kress (UCL, 2009-2010), B. Lambrechts (KUL, 2009), S. Lannoye (UCL, 2010), G. Metaxarakis (2009-2010), M. Pietrovito (UVienna, 2010), N. Rouvroy (UCL, 2009-2010), E. Stevens (Bryn Mawr, 2010), R. Vandam (KUL, 2009). I am very grateful to Carl Knappett who kindly corrected the English and to Alexandra Livarda for the preliminary but precious information concerning the results of the soil flotation of rooms 4.8-4.10.