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Minoan Archaeology

Sarah Cappel
Ute Günkel-Maschek
Diamantis Panagiotopoulos

Closing Remarks

Formulating Minoan Research in the 21st Century

Peter Warren

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By any standards this has been a most interesting and successful conference. Our hope is that it will have future impact. We happily begin with our collective and warmest congratulations and thanks to Diamantis (Panagiotopoulos) and all his team, Sarah (Cappel), Ute (Günkel-Maschek), Torben (Kessler), Yasemin (Leylek), Noach (Vander Beken) and Eva (Wacha). One reason for the success is the careful thought which went into the intellectual planning and so the intellectual structure of the Conference. So what have we had?

Six keynote lectures, two “Evening Lectures” and 32 papers formulating current and future research in the Cretan ‘Bronze Age’. We are all aware of the heterarchy versus hierarchy debate. So I am pleased to note the very careful and correct attention to hierarchy: front-line, cutting-edge research presented by the younger generation, the ‘Keynotes’ and ‘Evenings’ by the middle, I almost said middle-aged generation (and we note with interest that Yannis Hamilakis is now ...


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