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Minoan Archaeology

Sarah Cappel
Ute Günkel-Maschek
Diamantis Panagiotopoulos

Let's Come Together: Places and Spaces of Social and Ritual Interaction

(De)Constructing Identities Through Architecture in LM III Crete*

Panagiota A. Pantou

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This paper contributes to the ongoing discussion about the nature of the changes in material culture that occurred on the island of Crete following the LM IB destructions but this time from an architectural perspective. The purpose of the paper is, on the one hand, to examine the factors (regional, economic, political, ideological) that shaped architecture outside Knossos in the Final Palatial period, and, on the other hand, to explore some of the mechanisms involved in constructing identity through architecture in LM IIIA–B Crete. The focus of the discussion is House He, a Mycenaean-style “Corridor Building”, which, based on the recent excavations, was constructed in the LM IIIA1/2 period at Gournia. The architecture of House He is critically examined and evaluated within its settlement and regional context and in relation to other contemporary buildings in Crete. The evidence suggests that the architectural transformations that occurred on Crete in the Final Palatial period were c...

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